Patient Rights and Responsibilities

We welcome you as a patient to Cross Trails Medical Center. It is a policy of Cross Trails Medical Center to inform all patients of their rights and responsibilities regarding our health care services. With your cooperation, we want to help you enjoy the best health possible.
Patient Rights: (Our responsibility to you)
You have the right to be fully informed of all rules and regulations governing Cross Trails Medical Center activities.
You will be informed of the procedure to follow in an emergency when Cross Trails Medical Center is closed.
You are entitled to inquire about charges for services, including third party payment.
You are entitled to information concerning your medical condition and plan for treatment.
You may refuse to participate in any experimental research.
You are encouraged to submit complaints and to recommend policy changes to Cross Trails Medical Center staff and governing body.
Your records are confidential. Yo do have the right to refuse release of your medical information, except as required by law or third-party payment contracts.At all times you are to be treated with respect, consideration and dignity including privacy in treatment and personal needs.
Patient Responsibilities: (Your responsibility as a patient)
You are responsible for keeping your appointments or notifying Cross Trails Medical Center in advance when unable to do so (24 hours in advance).
You are obligated to give truthful information.
You are expected to abide by all rules and regulations with regard to patient conduct and responsibilities.